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This blog is set up to help you find out what is going on with TUCSON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1981 30th REUNION that we have coming up in June of 2011 -- wow, 30 years! Who woulda thunk it, right? I don't think ANY of us are really that old! I know I am looking forward to seeing everyone, and sharing lots of OOO's and XXX's with all of you!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Hour and Payment Deadline Update

Tucson High Class of 1981 – Quick Reunion Blog Update

Susan Ha
m here with a very brief blog update…not only do I have “reunion fatique” but I’m crazy busy with our online business. Here comes the shameless plug, and yes I’ll give a very good Badger Discount LOL -- Adrenaline Camera

A Happy Hour Reminder

If you are ONLY going to the June 10th Friday celebrations…then it’s $15. You can pay at-the-door (exact cash appreciated).

If you are going to the dinner also, then the Happy Hour is INCLUDED with what you’ve paid. THANKS FOR THE EARLY PAYMENTS…SERIOUSLY!!!

Dinner Payment Deadline
Laurie has set a NEW deadline of May 31st. Laurie’s on the East Coast and she has to pay the Marriott on that date. Plus, she’ll be enroute to Tucson and won’t be able to process payments once she hits Arizona soil. If you really want to come and need to work something out then please email Laurie via this blog.

No one kept in touch with anyone?

There’s still a little time to reach out to more lost Badgers, here’s how to get a hold of me if you find a classmateSusan

Oh, I can understand if you can’t afford to attend (you know, the economy). But just drop me a message, I’d like to hear from you, irregardless.

We’re on Facebook

Click here for 30th Reunion details hosted at classreport.org: Class Report

Save the dates:
June 10th Happy Hour at Maloney’s
June 11th Dinner Dance at JW Marriott Starr Pass

*** Group rate discount deadline has passed, but I bet they will still honor the $112 per night ***

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