Tucson High School Class of 1981 Reunion Blog -- Welcome, Badgers!

This blog is set up to help you find out what is going on with TUCSON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1981 30th REUNION that we have coming up in June of 2011 -- wow, 30 years! Who woulda thunk it, right? I don't think ANY of us are really that old! I know I am looking forward to seeing everyone, and sharing lots of OOO's and XXX's with all of you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

THS Class of 1981 Thirty Year Reunion

Hey, all--sorry I have been negligent about posting here. Time flies, whether you are having fun or not! Well, I have been having maybe a little fun, hope all of you have, too.
We're still hoping for those of you on FB who do get regular updates to let us know of people who aren't on there, and to provide their contact information. Not much luck so far. We have Susan Ham looking for people, but she can't do it all on her own.
Does anyone know how we can get the word out through some type of advertising in Tucson, for FREE? As that is the limit of our budget at the moment. Are there any radio stations that do that type of thing. If so, let us know, please! Or, instead of letting us know, feel free to go ahead and get the info out there on the airwaves, or wherever...we can use all the help we can get.
Please keep the checks coming--Malena has posted that rates will go up as of March 15, so save and get them in now, and we'll all be good to go.
If you're on the fence about whether to come or not, just COME! If you're worried that you've gained too much weight, or lost too much hair, or you're thinking you're not where you "should" be in life, guess what?? No one is going to think about those things--we all just want to get together and have a good time. Or, on the other hand, if you think that your awesomeness will just make the rest of us feel bad--it won't, trust me. :) Just get your pushing-50 butts signed up, and let's have a good time. Scratch that, let's have a GREAT time.
I'm planning on it.
And I can't wait to see YOU there!